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                    They say have c o u r a g e,
                                                            …αη∂ ι’м тяуιηﻭ тσ

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I’m sorry I still haven’t replied yet! Things have been really busy for me but I’ll get to it soon I’ve missed you ;u;

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Sorry I haven’t been active much… I’ve been struggling for a bit, making it hard to be excited to come here anymore. Hopefully, I’ll be getting some more activity going in the next few days or week. I’d also really like to make some new threads with people to distract me from things, so if you’d like to make a thread, don’t be afraid to visit my ask.

Flaw(s) Headcanon;

Konan is a very dependent person. As much as she seems like an independent woman, she actually needs someone to lead her. She’s made herself a follower, rather than a leader, and believes of herself to be nothing but a stepping stone to those she’s loyal to. Though, this is one of her greatest flaws; because of her somewhat overly-strong sense of loyalty, this makes her to be somewhat of a biased person.

She also tends to only go by who she’s loyal to’s thoughts and beliefs, and doesn’t think for herself most times.


    Once at the door, he paused, tailing a finger along the handle. Hiruko was truly one of his greatest works - any puppeteer with common sense would strive to match his. There had yet to be another who thought to be inside their puppet. There had yet to be another who committed to becoming eternal art.

    Besides Chiyo, only one other threatened to match his power and skill. A young puppeteer who had a familial bond with their target. 

    “The people of the sand make the best puppets, you know… I find them to already be a bit more… dry.” A small grin spread, excitement alight in his eyes.

    “It makes the skinning easier…We don’t need the body once we finish the ritual… Do you think anyone would mind if I….” He paused. “Made use of it?” It was most likely not up to Konan, but that did not matter. Sasori was already thinking of what he could do to the boy. There were just so many possibilities! Would he fill him up with poisons? With knives, or bullets of sand? He could use him in his final attack - another redhead would make quite the addition. Oh, how fun it would be to not only show the boy puppet master how weak he was, but to have his baby brother be the one to put him in his grave. Sasori could only wonder what terrors would cross his mind in his final moments.

Her gaze remains on the limp, lifeless puppet he was currently working on, then back to Sasori, the interest seemingly fading out of those now ice cold amber eyes. 

"I do not care what you do with it, so long as you accomplish the mission." In truth, since his mission was scheduled early morning, she’d would rather him take Hiruko simply because he would be more accustomed to him, and also because it would be able to keep his true identity safe for the time being. He could finish working on and tweaking the new one until his heart’s content afterwards.

"If you wanted my opinion, I suggest you take Hiruko." 


I just couldn't forgive them.

                    rule number two,

                           just don’t get attached to,

                               somebody you could lose.