the word savior means nothing when you're left all alone and the people you tried to save are [d e a d]

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"I feel nothing
I feel everything.
I don’t know which is worse." - (via silver-blonde)
Does seeing Nagato in Yahiko's body ever.... bother you any?

He wasn’t necessarily inside, but rather… manipulating. Using. Controlling Yahiko’s corpse as if it were a mere puppet with his Rinnegan. It wasn’t the same as the past. She was fighting with a corpse… her best friend’s… 

"It did, but it was not my choice, nor did I have a say in the decision." 

loving you was red.

did you actually MAKE that render or did you just steal it and put your initials over it? because just making something transparent doesn't make it yours.

Uhm, I made it. Though the model doesn’t belong to me, I was able to obtain it with the maker’s permission. But, to be fair, I will add in that the model isn’t mine.I took the time to pose and put effects on her; and doing that takes great effort. I’ve used renders by others in the past, but have never put my initials on it because they weren’t mine, and of course being an artist myself, I don’t take other’s art and slap my initials on it because if that were me, I wouldn’t want others slapping their initials on my art then claiming it as theirs.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Ruling a nation must take a lot of your time, especially since you do such a good and thorough job.

Was she still ruling as good as before? Did the people of Amegakure still believe that?

It surely felt… as she was slipping more and more each day due to fatigue. 

"A few hours at the most," she replies, voice blunt. "There’s too many things to be tending to for me to be sleeping."

A-ano... do you ever plan on being more active here again? I've really missed your presence on my dashboard :~;


sorry school’s been bogging me down so i haven’t been as active but i will try harder on the weekends and stuff to be here more :0

i’ll also put a queue on during the week so i’m not dead

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Whenever Konan felt the need to cry, she went out into the rain to mask her tears. She believed that it showed a sign of weakness and didn’t want that flaw to show to her comrades, Yahiko and Nagato especially.